welcome to soundingsilence

sharing the transformational power of sound and silence

What to expect

In group or individual sound sessions you will be invited to lie down or sit in a comfortable position, fully clothed and covered with a blanket – the aim is for the body to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible to gain the full benefit.

Then there is nothing to do but relax and be fully immersed in the sound, receiving the vibrations. We begin with guided relaxation and then a soundscape is created using gongs, singing bowls, shruti box, sansoula, tingshaws and voice. During the session, the harmonious sounds are not only heard through the ear but felt in the body, which receives a gentle sonic massage from the subtle vibrations of the voice and resonant instruments.

We complete with a short period of silence to allow integration of the experience, and an opportunity for feedback.


Receiving sound therapy at Soundscape